The company

The company

EXECUTIVE SELLING is a partner of reference for sales organisations dealing with high added value offers.

We help Sales Directors to ditch classic models that are proving less and less effective and engage their teams instead in an approach that is simple, effective and cost-effective: contacting, appealing to and engaging with the C-Level of clients and potential clients very beginning of the sales process.

EXECUTIVE SELLING's approach is pragmatic, inspired by best practices that have been tried and tested and are popular both with service-providers and businesses in France and around the world.


[The team]

François Drillon is a renowned B2B sales expert, who has, during his career, built up a rare combination of skills in consulting, messaging and training.

A graduate from EM Lyon, he devoted the first 10 years of that career to providing marketing and communications advice at Publiciss and then Mc Cann. He then joined Moortgat, a premium leadership and sales training specialists. Over the next nine years, he played a major role in the comapny's growth.

He then moved to ADP, a global leader in HR out-sourcing, a renowned sales "war machine" generating more than US$ 1.5 billion worth of new business every year. He set up the Sales Academy for ADP France and 3 years later joined the company's global leadership team where he rolled out US sales learning and performance strategies in 12 countries spanning 3 continents.


EXECUTIVE SELLING generally creates an ad hoc team bringing together experts with highly specialised skills. This method enables us to combine flexibility and professionalism, without having to pass expensive fixed costs on to the client.

Do you have a specific area of expertise? Would you like to join the EXECUTIVE SELLING network? Contact-us.


[Our beliefs]

Two credos in the shape of an equation:

Style + Substance = 1

Accuracy x Creativity = 3

Furthermore, EXECUTIVE SELLING bases its approach on that of leading American training and consultancy firms, many of whom consider access to C-Level Executives as the N°1 priority for the coming years.